CSA certified 12 C19 socket PDU for mining containers

It is a CSA certified 12 /16A C19 jack ,1/5A PDU, each jack can be controlled individually.

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As the largest manufacturer of Mining Containers in China, TIANQI has a strong supply chain of spare parts to ensure the delivery time and quality. If you want to buy the best PDUs for cryptocurrency mining in the market, whether smart or regular, TIANQI can meet your needs. Stability, security and speed are what all miners are always looking for. The PDU is very easy to install on the shelf, and this model is perfectly compatible if you use it in Tianqi Mining Containers, and if you want to use it in other sites, we can customize it for you. Our custom-made PDUs for Mining containers are well compatible with TIANQI Mining Containers' Ark and Pym series.
  • The size is 1550x100x50mm.
  • with 13 jacks in total, 12 C19 jacks of 16A and 1 C13 jack of 5A.
  • All parts of the PDU are UL approved.
  • The whole is CSA approved.
  • Can be branded with your logo's.
Input/output Voltage
Input Voltage 200-240/346-415Vac,50/60Hz WYE,3N~,63A max, Class I
 Output Voltage 200-240Vac,63A max(C19:16A max per outlet,C13:3A max peroutlet)
Input Characteristics
Input Connector 63A*5wires(or junction box,Input breaker 63A 3 Phase)
Frequency 50/60Hz
Output Characteristics
Total Current Max 63A
Rating Output Voltage 200-240Vac
Total output power MAX 45KW
Socket Standard 12pcs C191pcs C13
Ambient temperature -10℃ to +45℃
Relative Humidity 5%-75%
Breaker C19 With 20A circuit breaker/C13 With 5A circuit breaker
Dimension L×W×H=1550×100×50mm
Enter the maximum circuit breaker 63A3-phase circuit breaker

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